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Online customization

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Item Description
1.Rated Capacity kVA 30 50 80 100 125 160 200 250 315 400 500 630 800 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 Other
2.Rated High Voltage kV 10 35 Other
3.Tapping Voltage % ±2×2.5% +3-1×2.5% Other
4.Rated Low Voltage kV 0.4 Other
5.No.of Phases Single Phase Three Phase
6.Frequency Hz 50 60
7.Vector Group Yyn0 Dyn11 Other
8.Impedance % 4 6 8 Other
9.Insulation Class F Other
10.Cooling Method AN AN/AF Other
11.Protection Level IP00 IP20 IP23 Other
12.Input&Output of Cable Top in-top out Bottom in-top out Bottom in-bottom out Side out
13.Using Condition Height≤1000m Ambient temperature
14.Temperature Controller System Yes NO
16.Date of Delivery
17.Other Requirements Yes No

After-sale Guarantee

Our promises on product quality for customers:

The dry-type transformers manufactured by our company are electrical power-distribution equipments manufactured according to national standards. We imported advanced techniques from Germany, purchased complete set of equipments and have the capability of production in scale.

Our company has built the Quality Management System (ISO9001) and passed the authentication of Shanghai Audit Center of Quality System (SAC) to ensure the products are manufactured strictly under standard management and the left-factory products all meet the requirements of national warranty and technical protocols.

Our company consistently sticks to the principle 'Advanced Technologies, Normative Management and Reinforcing the Operative Capacity'.

Supply high-quality and all-round services to our clients!

Our quality policy

Treating every customer wholeheartedly
Manufacturing each product meticulously

The dry-type transformers manufactured by our company all have a warranty of 18 months after leaving the factory or 1 year after installation and debugging.

The service life of transformers is at least 20 years, except manufacturing the transformers' main body, we also select brilliant parts.

If the product is damaged due to quality issues or accidents, we will response immediately after receiving notification and send technicist to provide related services as per request on the spot in time (within 4 hours inside the city and 24 hours outside the city).

Routine tests

1.Measurement of voltage ratioa and voltage vector relationship
2.Measurement of winding resistance
3.Measurement of insulation resistance
4.Separate source voltage withstand test
5.Induced over voltage withstand test
6.Measurement of no-load loss and current
7.Measurement of impedance voltage and load loss
8.Measurement of partial discharge